There was also great finger food from the Dutch Oven. Entertainment was by the talented Andy Earle plus surprise guests who presented sketches from Macbeth and in between sketches sat on two magnificent thrones. Dave Clark played Macbeth, Tiffany Wolters played Lady Macbeth, Mary Liz Clark played the gentle woman and Chris Barnes performed as a Herald to introduce each sketch with his trumpet.

At 9:00 pm the door prizes were drawn – NFS organizer Glenda Jackson officiated – and the main prize of a VIA trip for 2 people to Quebec City was won by Estelle Cortesis.

See the photos below.  Mouse over to access controls to start/stop the slide show.


See also Video below which includes a short segment of Tiffany Wolters singing a wonderful rendition of Summertime accompanied by Andy Earle.

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The Festival showed 5 films over the weekend of Jan 22-24 2016 with a reception in Victoria Hall Cobourg on January 23. The video includes the ambience of the crowd, some sketches from Macbeth (at 0:54 to 3:55 and 5:03 to 5:49), short sections on Performer Andy Earle plus a gem at the end. That's a one minute part of Summertime by Tiffany Wolters and Andy Earle - 6:14 to 7:24. And of course a snapshot of the winner of the Via Rail door prize.